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Get Your Own .com Domain, Fully Functional Traffic Reseller Website, Reseller Account, and Voicemail for only $189.95

Form A Powerful Traffic Reseller Business That Actually Makes Money!


Start your own traffic reseller business selling guaranteed traffic, guaranteed signups and email services! If you are tired of all the get rich schemes online that promise to make you big bucks, then you have come to the right place. We want to help you make money with our traffic reseller system which in turn will make us money when you buy our products from us. As an AdResellers traffic reseller you will also have permissions to resell all of our products and services including

Target Traffic - Over 300 targeted niches

Mobile Traffic - Choose between Android, iPhone or both

Adult Traffic - Niche targeted adult markets

Social Traffic - Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest

Niche Targeted Email Campaigns / Solo Ads - Multiple lists and targets

Guaranteed Signups - Drive leads for free to signup / join programs

Twitter Followers and Retweets - Drive thousands of twitter followers to anyone - no password.

The advertising business is a multi-million dollar industry. Let's face it regardless if the millions of businesses online fail, they still have to advertise to succeed. This is how Google became a multi-billion dollar company and we can help you get a piece of the market share. Learning the industry is fairly simple and with some minimal training from us, you will be on your way to closing big deals. The average profit our resellers see from selling our advertising packages is about $50.00 per sale, with some sales as high as $1,000 in profit! Our top resellers bring in over $15,000 USD each month, simply by placing ads in Google, Yahoo and others and then using our services to supply their customers with the product.

Our backend services are 100% white label, branded with your company name, and require no set up on your part other than confirming an order when someone has paid you. We handle customer service, tracking, reporting and most everything else. Just advertise and collect your profits.

Our standard home business package is $189.95 and includes a fully functioning reseller backend, a fully functional and attractive unique website, complete with all products offered by AdResellers. You must supply the hosting. When choosing a hosting company please ensure they offer cPanel. We recommend HostGator over all others.

All Purchases include the following:

Your own domain (.com or .net only) $15 Value
We register it, you own it!

Company Email Addresses
Your own!

Copyrighted Company Logo. $75 Value
You choose from up to 4 unique logos provided.

Beautiful Website Design $250 Value
Over 2000 templates to choose from. Most templates are mobile ready (responsive).

Fully Automated Ordering System with API install $50 Value

Full FTP Access To Your Website
The web host you select will allow you to make changes to your website.

Professional Voicemail Number for customers to call.
Messages are delivered to the email address of your choice.
Greeting includes your business name and professional message.

Website Submission To 100+ Search Engines $40 Value
Inclusion into Google guaranteed!

35000 Units of Traffic Inventory $25 Value

50000 Units of Email Inventory $20 Value

25 Guaranteed Signup Credits $17 Value

Branded Support For Your Customers $15 Value
A $15/Month value free! Free forever!

No Hidden Costs or Additional Fees!
You will never pay one dime more for the finished product.
(monthly hosting fees separate)

New Products Added Free Upon Release For Life.
When we offer a new product, we'll update your site at no charge.

Killer Reseller Support.
US Based Support Reps are available to help 24/7.

You get over $500 worth of value for one low price!

You will be responsible to make your monthly hosting payments. It is important to note that hosting support and AdResellers Account support are on 2 different systems. Neither department will be able to assist with the others systems. Please make sure you are contacting the correct department when submitting questions.

Average time frame of 2 weeks from set up and training before going live. Please note that advertising costs on other search engines such as Google and Yahoo are not included. This opportunity is real and can provide a steady income. We are only interested in talking with serious people. We can and will help you make money. The more you make, the more we make.

Training consists of counsel time with your account rep and/or online tutorials, movies and manuals. In addition you may request a rep to walk you through the traffic system via TeamViewer.

Purchase A Traffic Reseller Website Today!

We accept Paypal, Payza and Bitcoin.

Domain Name To Register
Contact Number

Do people really make money with this program?
Yes. However, if you do nothing the business will more than likely do nothing. Everyone needs to advertise regardless of how the economy is. Once companies stop advertising, they die. It is that simple. We can honestly say that each and every reseller that is currently working with AdResellers is doing well. Most of our resellers are able to do this full time and support their families and pay their bills. We can show you how to succeed. If you have the desire, you will make it in this business.

Why should I choose AdResellers?
We are the best. We are not just saying it, our resellers agree. We go out of our way to make sure that your experience with us is a pleasant one. Our staff is available by phone, instant messenger, and email. Each reseller is assigned an account rep to assist you every step of the way. Your account rep will supply you with their office and cell phone numbers, email addresses and instant messenger handles. This ensures that you can always get help when you need it. Customer Service is #1 and we strive to help you in anyway possible.

Are there any hidden fees?
No. Many people seem skeptical in the fact that our offer is so good. The bottom line is we want you to succeed, which is why we have tried to squeeze in as much value as possible, while making it affordable. Besides the hosting (which we don't provide), there are no additional costs to run your business from our side. We don't require you to process so many orders per month, or make so many purchases. You work at your pace, growing your business as fast or as slow as you want. Even if you have to step away from the business for a few months, your account will still be here, with the same inventory you had prior. You simply buy the inventory you need and fill orders as you sell them.

Does my inventory ever expire?
No. As long as your website stays online, your inventory will never expire. The only time you can lose your account is if your website expires and your email address is no longer valid.

What will my website look like?
Our web design staff has developed high-end word press sites that give each site an edge. The sites are packed with information to help your customer make buying decisions.

How much work does the business require each week?
You can work as much or as little as you want. Some people do this as a hobby and others as a full time job. When an order is placed through our system, all you need to do is log into your traffic reseller account, locate the order, make sure you have enough inventory and then confirm the order. Confirming the order will place your customers order inline for activation and remove the necessary inventory from your account. The whole process of purchasing inventory to confirming an order takes around 60 seconds. You can even buy inventory in bulk, which will stay in your account until used. This will make confirming an order almost instant.

Do you offer a discount if I have my own domain?
Yes. If you currently have your own domain, we will credit you $10 worth of traffic inventory. So, while you would still pay the $189, you would get a $10 credit towards the inventory of your choice.

Do I have to use HostGator hosting?
No. You can use any host that you like, however, some hosts have such strong security on their servers, that they may not support certain features of our system. We find that HostGator tends to be the most reliable, with GoDaddy coming in at a close second. Hosts we don't recommend are free hosting sites, and currently BlueHost which does not work with our SiteStats system.

What is branded support?
Our branded support offers your customers the ability to submit support tickets to our tech staff from their stats area. All tech support emails, are handled on your behalf. Please note that branded technical support will require you to modify some DNS settings so that we can send email from your domain on your behalf.

Are You Protected?
AdResellers Resellers are protected by our optional Fraud Insurance. If you ever get a fraudulent order or chargeback. We will replace your inventory at no cost. Can your current provider do that? Our anti-fraud tools and fraud center help eliminate fraud up to 90%. But just in case, don't worry you're covered. Learn More