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Offer your clients real results with Solo Ads Reseller Services

  • Great Rates on Targeted and Untargeted Email Click For Lists and Amounts
  • Target By Interest + Time Zone, Country Or State
  • Automated Content Center allow client to enter content online.
  • Rotate up to 3 subject lines
  • Fully branded welcome email with username, password and stats link sent from you
  • Easy to manage date selection
  • Daily / Weekly / Monthly CTR Stats
  • Amount Sent Display
  • Instantly change content up to the date of send
  • Preview email sent to client

Easy To Integrate Sales Content
You can get started right away by simply creating a sales page and using our already provided content to start selling your email packages. All resellers have permission to use our licensed content and pictures for sales purposes.

Our Lists manages opt-in lists for some of the internets largest websites. Our agreements with our list management clients allow us to solicit their subscribers on a weekly basis. In turn this not only provides their subscribers with beneficial information, but helps our clients to keep their list management costs down by as much as 30%. We currently manage over 38,000,000 email addresses spread over 87,000 seperate company / interest lists. However, not all of our managed lists are available for solicitation. We recommend that you check our Lists and Amounts for a general idea of what is available.

Targeted Email Guarantees
All of our targeted email products are back by a 3% CTR guarantee. Meaning that your client can expect to get a minimum of 3,000 click-thru with the purchase of a 100,000 targeted email package. In the event that the 3% CTR is not achieved, a resend equal to 25% of the original purchase will be mailed within 7 business days to attempt to fill the CTR requirement of the original purchase. In the case that email is to be resent, reserves the right to modify the subject of the email which will remain in keeping with the original offer.

EasySelect (exclusive)
Our email system is managed by our EasySelect software. This software manages all accounts and insures that the system is never overbooked and that email is sent on schedule. In fact should a send date ever be missed an additional 50% of the original order will be added to the send at no charge for each day the service fails to send. Full delivery and refund will be made should the send fail to occur within 5 days of the original date. Please refer to terms and conditions for further information

SPAMGuardian (exclusive)
SPAMGuardian is our exclusive list management service. Each email address is triple opt-in meaning that the subscribers receiving the mail wants the mail. When a user signs up for an email participation list or newsletter an email is sent to the subscriber, the subscriber is then asked to use their email address and temporary password received in the email, to log into our list management site. This process ensures that the subscriber, not only receives the confirmation but also actively visits a website, and types in a password given. This is the strongest form of Opt-In available today.

Email Fraud Protection (optional)
For a monthly fee of $19.95 your business is protected from fraudulent orders totaling up to 1,000,000 targeted / untargeted emails (combined) per month. Since doing business on the internet can be risky, many traffic providers have found themselves staring back at a charge back to their account either through paypal or their credit card provider. In the event you are covered by our Fraud protection insurance, will credit back to you, the entire amount of traffic that was purchased and add this to your inventory to be reused. Additionally, will prepare the necessary documentation you need to fight the chargeback itself. To qualify for Fraud Protection, your company must adhere to strict regulations before processing orders as well as be able to provide substantial documentation regarding claims. Membership
Since deals with hundreds of resellers worldwide on a daily basis many of our resellers are presented with similar fraudulent orders around the same time. Once an order is found to be fraudulent or suspicious, a reseller can request that the advertiser be placed in our fraud connection section. This database which consists of fraudulent orders received in the past can help you avoid a problem before it becomes a problem. This service is free to all resellers. Simply search our database by name, email address or website address.

In addition we offer fraud tools to help you attempt to verify your orders before you make them live.

These tools include:
Reverse phone look up.
City, State via IP.
Domain Look Up.
Address Search.

QuickCustomer Service
Chances are if you are not running your business fulltime you have very little time to devote to customer service. For a monthly fee can handle most of your daily support issues through the use of our online ticketing support. When your clients log in to their account they will be presented with the opportunity to submit a support ticket. This ticket is then picked up an answered by our in house support staff. If the ticket can be answered by us (issues regarding stats, tracking, targeting, or other interface or basis business questions) then we will send the response to them from your support team and you will always get a copy of the email. If the question can not be answered by us (refunds, special rates or discounts), it will be forwarded to you directly, and your client will be informed that the ticket has been escalated to upper management. This is a free service for resellers who maintain a minimum $100 monthly order.

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